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Thursday - April 28, 2005
Who in their right mind would use a reef (square) knot or granny knot to tie thier shoes? You should be using a bow! Now, how do you tie that correctly?

Sunday - April 17, 2005
I don't get it?

Saturday - April 16, 2005
Spam (lol) is stupid. And I'm trying the square knot thing.

Tuesday - April 12, 2005
i love zach lol from emiley i hate trey

Tuesday - April 12, 2005
tieing your shoes is simple

Monday - April 11, 2005
it is one of the most come knot to use

Tuesday - March 01, 2005
I love Phil lol from kate

Thursday - February 24, 2005
I'm not sure where but I recently discovered the error of my ways and, with a little help and a lot of patience, I now tie my shoes with the loops going "athwartships" (crosswise). Thanks for working so hard to educate the public about these important...

Thursday - February 17, 2005

Monday - February 07, 2005
i have to think about it to actually do the square knot... it's the one i use when i want a really straight bow ~ (the bow twists when you use the Granny... another easier way to tell which you use)

Saturday - January 29, 2005
I wasn't really sure how to tie my shoes properly because I always use velcor. Thanks to this web site I noe do. Thanks!

Wednesday - January 26, 2005
Hello World! My name is Fredrick Brown and I'd like to say hello to all y'all back in Dall Texas. I don't know, It's just so suprising! I don't know who to thank for this. I guess my mother, for her support, My wife, my two boys, ummmm... My grandmother,

Thursday - December 30, 2004
Because I put a bow in on the second step I never realized that it was the second half of either a granny or a square knot. Took a look and while I sometimes come out with a square knot, I usuallly come out with a granny knot.

Monday - December 20, 2004
I dont see the difference between the square knot and the Granny knot.

Sunday - November 07, 2004
how do u do bar lace

Sunday - October 31, 2004

Friday - October 01, 2004
Ironically, it was Granny, my grandmother, who just taught me last month how to do the square knot that she'd learned from a British friend, after tripping on a shoelace as a child and spraining her ankle ...

Tuesday - September 28, 2004
You helped me change a lifelong habit for the better! Thank you very much!!!!

Sunday - September 26, 2004
I have been using the square knot on my right shoe and the granny knot on my left shoe.....I guess that explains why one is always coming untied.....

Thursday - September 23, 2004
You are teh one who taught me what I've been doing wrong a couple of years ago. Thanks

Friday - September 10, 2004
I've been using the strong knot from

Tuesday - September 07, 2004
It would be good for you to put your comment about pulling the loops out to see the actual knot itself. That'll help people see more clearly before telling their knot type.

Tuesday - September 07, 2004
I had just done it the way my Dad showed me. I had no idea doing it backwards would produce a less reliable knot, nor did I realize the knot had a name.

Thursday - August 12, 2004
floogle binder

Monday - July 19, 2004
what do you call the tips of a shoelace

Tuesday - June 22, 2004
What do u call the tips of shoelaces?

Monday - June 21, 2004
[Editor note] For checkerboard lacing, go to

Wednesday - June 16, 2004
i need to know how to do checkerboard laces they are so cool! does any know how??

Monday - June 07, 2004
[Editor note] I don't know the answer myself, but I found out from Ian ( that checkerboarding involves "straight-lacing a shoe, then weaving a second lace of a different colour through the result. The ends of this second lace are then simply tucked into the shoe." Anybody know any more?

Friday - June 04, 2004
i need an answer

Thursday - June 03, 2004
how do i do the checker board?

Thursday - May 27, 2004
how do u do u do checerbored lol hi iam matt

Wednesday - May 26, 2004
seriously how do you Checkerboard lace shoes!

Sunday - May 23, 2004
how do u checkerboard lace?

Thursday - May 13, 2004
Whats the part at the end of a shoelace called

Tuesday - May 11, 2004
but what about LACING the shoe???

Tuesday - May 11, 2004
hi im mike

Monday - May 10, 2004
I Love you.

Monday - May 03, 2004
weda wo whata?

Saturday - April 24, 2004
I hate you

Wednesday - April 21, 2004
I have one thing to say to you, THANK YOU sometimes i forget how to tie my shoes but since your here i won't forget THANK YOU VERY MUCH,BYE!

Thursday - April 15, 2004
your website is inspering!!!! as you can see i can not spell but you have made me learning how to tie MY shoes a great experience thank you....... i am 14 years old

Wednesday - April 14, 2004
how do you do those?

Sunday - April 11, 2004
i dont tie my shoes i got phat farms and the style is u put da laces inside of da shoe

Sunday - April 11, 2004
you can also put a double twist in your lace before tying the knot (taught in sniper school)

Tuesday - April 06, 2004
Amazing -- who said you can't teach an old dog a new trick -- thank you!!!

Thursday - April 01, 2004
My shoes always came untied, so I started using a Double Grannie. They don't come untied but there's a chance they'll knot up when you try to untie them!

Tuesday - March 30, 2004

Tuesday - March 30, 2004
I've been using a granny knot and then tying an extra knot with the loops themselves to help keep it tied

Tuesday - March 30, 2004
Hey i have a life but im teaching my 5 y/o to tie her shoes and this helped so that she wont have to ke0ep redoing them! THANKS! and for those people who said get a life....well youre the one who took time to write a comment so you have no room to talk!

Monday - March 29, 2004
Oh my god, I've been tying my laces wrong for 20 years!

Wednesday - March 24, 2004
this site has been very helpfull and now i always tie my laces properly. NOT

Thursday - March 18, 2004
Get a life

Wednesday - March 17, 2004
Thank you. I needed to know "aglet" for a crossword. Thanks so much

Thursday - March 11, 2004
You all have no lives...

Monday - March 08, 2004

Tuesday - February 24, 2004
No more than a week ago, after reading in a knot book that granny knots are more prone to slipping than reef knots, I checked whether I do granny bows or reef bows, and discovered I do grannies. No wonder my laces are always coming undone.

Monday - January 19, 2004
same hear i havnt had any troble with dobble

Sunday - January 18, 2004
The Reef is symantical of the Square, KNOT the Granny !

Saturday - January 17, 2004
Shoes are only as good as the laces they are attached to!

Saturday - January 17, 2004
Shoe laces have always been problematic. Most people will not admit adjusting them because they have been doing it for so long that it's not a persieved problem. However it still remaines to be.

Monday - January 05, 2004
a link to explanations of "other" would be interesting. there is the "Better Bow", the "flip laser" (to to, or other methods. I double knot mine at 'just the right spot' and they wear like slippers

Monday - December 22, 2003
Hasn't any one thought to double knot their laces? Never had problems with the laces coming undone

Thursday - December 18, 2003
I said Granny for the purposes of the poll. I just corrected to the reef in the last few days.

Wednesday - November 19, 2003
Most people do use a bow as far as I've seen, but if you pull on the loops of the bow until they come undone, then you should be left with a knot. It is this knot which the webpage refers to. - webmaster

Tuesday - November 18, 2003
i use a bow too, but i have alot of problems and now i realize that if you do a bow a granny is the result. right?

Monday - November 10, 2003
I used the square-knot variety of bow (it might be helpful to illustrate the bow tied with a square knot) until I learned to tie the "Better Bow." In that variation, you take two wraps around the first loop, instead of just one. That really stays tied!

Wednesday - November 05, 2003
my momma will forever be remembered for teaching me how to tie my shoes

Sunday - October 26, 2003
a bow is just a knot that can be easily undone...i use the square knot (reef knot to all australian scouts out there) and i'm left handed...perhaps the 75% of those who can't tie their shoes correctly are right handed?

Saturday - October 25, 2003
who uses a knot to tie shoelaces, personally i use a bow

Saturday - October 25, 2003
I was a granny-knotter!! I can't wait to try out this new method!! =)

Tuesday - September 02, 2003
Enter comments here

Friday - August 29, 2003
who are you people retards,from the devil

Sunday - August 10, 2003
I can't wait to put on my shoes and tie them.

Friday - August 08, 2003
leet, i've always been a square knotter, but never knew it until now!

Friday - August 08, 2003
my head almost exploded trying to figure out which way i did it and what the differences were--but i got it now

Thursday - July 31, 2003
Always wondered why laces were always untied; now i know! (i 'use to' double know them but won't have to anymore). A-Hilda

Wednesday - July 30, 2003
I'm going to dye my kids laces two colors and give him your drawing! How cute, Thanks, A teacher

Monday - July 21, 2003
I have a theory regarding the reason that so many people learn and use the wrong knot. I think it has little to do with the direction that the knot is learned since that would tend to alternate generations.

Sunday - July 06, 2003
Cool, Greg. Your poll works nicely, though I suspect I'm currently skewing the voting 100% by being the first visitor. Cheers, Ian Fieggen ;-)

Sunday - July 06, 2003
Consider changing your "vote" to "poll" because your poll requests factual data rather than preferences. The "vote" is confusing because that leads me to believe that I should mark my preference rather than my actual habit.

Sunday - July 06, 2003
Thank you for taking the time to view the "new and improved" version of my website. Comments are greatly appreciated! - webmaster

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