Which knot do you use?
Square = 39.2%
Granny = 24.9%
Other = 36%
Total number of votes = 1318


Thursday - April 28, 2005
Who in their right mind would use a reef (square) knot or granny knot to tie thier shoes? You should be using a bow! Now, how do you tie that correctly?

Sunday - April 17, 2005
I don't get it?

Saturday - April 16, 2005
Spam (lol) is stupid. And I'm trying the square knot thing.

Tuesday - April 12, 2005
i love zach lol from emiley i hate trey

Tuesday - April 12, 2005
tieing your shoes is simple

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Since those days in late October 1999 when the shoelace knot experiments were first performed, I've been quick to learn that my friends and I are not the only ones to delve so deeply into this subject. Perhaps the most telling proof of the fascination with one's shoes is the article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature which discusses the best lacing method......and which references my original shoelace knot page! (Nature vol.420 December 5, 2002, p.476 - reference #5).

Furthermore, not only is the subject of shoelaces one of scientific curiosity, but potentially of economic gain as well. In fact one can perform a search on the US patent and Trademark office website. Among other things, the results will show patent #5,997,051 which has been issued for one quick method of lacing one's shoes. Another patent has also been issued (patent #6,513,211) which describes a lacing method that results in reduced friction as well as faster and easier tightening/loosening of the laces.

With all this information and all those creative minds out there, it should be of little surprise that my page has barely scratched the surface even in terms of shoelace knots. For a much more thorough discussion of this topic, I enthusiastically refer the intersted reader to Ian's shoelace page which provides a wonderful indepth discussion and beautiful drawings of various knots. Perhaps even more interstingly, Ian has a page devoted to his own "Ian knot" which is touted as the world's fastest shoelace knot. I certainly can't vouch for the validity of the claim, but it is a pretty slick knot. Finally, for a full list of what is available on the web, one can perform a search with Google.

Since you are now at the end of my shoelace site it somehow seems appropriate to pass on a bit of trivia about the ends of shoelaces. As was relayed to me by the "Texas Mailman", the little plastic things on the ends of the shoelaces are officially called aglets. So there you have it.....keep using that square knot, and may you have many safe walks!

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