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Welcome to my little corner of the web. Hopefully you have found it to be informative and educational. More importantly, I hope you enjoy it! Information was meant to be free, and shoes were meant to be tied securely.

Although there is nothing fancy which should require a privacy policy, I take your privacy very seriously. Let me start by saying that there is nothing I hate worse than spam, and I will never use nor release your information for any solicitation purposes.

This page provides more details on the specific policy in place for My homepage can be found on the Web at and I hope you find the information useful. If you have any questions about this policy, please send e-mail to

Thank you for visiting this site! I hope it has been useful.

Dispute Resolution and Privacy Seals

I will honor all requests to remove information from my logs from those who provide sufficient information which allows me to locate the entry or entries.

Additional Information

This policy is valid for 1 day from the time that it is loaded by a client.

Data Collection

The following describes the information that may be collected by this web site from access logs as well as any interactive data

This data will be used for the following purposes:

This data will be used only by an administrator of this site and potentially others who agree to hold the data in strict confidentiality. This data is obtained in the routine operation of the web server. Storage and analysis of the internet traffic allows for customization of this site to better match people's needs and fine-tune the web site by observing trends and patterns in usage.


A cookie is an element of data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. In general, you can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it. For those interested, a Wikipedia (external site) article on HTTP cookies (external site) provides further discussion of what cookies are and how they are typically used.

This site does not make use of cookies.

Final Comments

I am constantly striving to make your browsing experience more pleasurable. If there is any way you think I may be able to improve this site or any suggestions for modifications to this policy, please send your comments to: Thank you again for taking the time to visit my site!

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